Checklist: Implement Employee Experience

Checklist: Implement Employee Experience

We received so much positive feedback on our recent LinkedIn article, Implementing Employee Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide, that we created an accompanying Implement Employee Experience checklist for you. We don’t believe in check-box culture* but we do believe in using a checklist—or even checklists—to help keep you on track as you work through a plan that will create impactful, lasting change.

If you’re going use digital transformation to enable your employees to deliver superior experiences to their customers (and ultimately drive value across the entire organization) you have to be planful and thorough, exactly as described in our Implement Employee Experience Checklist.

Don’t try a few things here and there and see what happens. Don’t send out a seemingly random employee survey and do nothing with the results. Don’t put inspiring mission/vision posters around the office or on employee screensavers when they don’t mean anything to anybody.  

Do start to move your organization towards employee-centricity following this framework. If you have questions as you work through your plan—or don’t quite know where to get started, contact us.

*What’s a check-box culture? It’s where you go through the motions or make halfhearted attempts to complete work so you can call it done. But just marking something off your to-do list doesn’t make that task complete in reality. Here’s a real-life example:

Imagine that you ask a 10-year old child to clear their dishes off the table while you handle something in the next room. You return to find dirty dishes stacked on the kitchen counter. The dishes aren’t on the table anymore, but the child almost certainly didn’t do the job the way you would have wanted it done. The child checked the box, whereas a complete job would have been bringing the dishes into the kitchen, scraping off the scraps, rinsing the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. Sounds like that 10-year-old could use a checklist!

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