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As idyllic as “work anywhere” sounds, it does require proactive risk management. As cloud-based services become the norm for companies around the world, cyber attacks have increased exponentially.

With businesses increasingly relying on the cloud for operations and resources, the security risks posed by applications, endpoints, infrastructure and users become more challenging to visualize and more difficult to respond to.

Depending on the size and structure of your organization, SecOps can range from a management methodology implemented across your entire business to one that is implemented on a project-by-project basis.

Threadfin approaches software and cloud security by addressing security considerations at the earliest stage of planning and development—and every stage thereafter.

We leverage Experience Threading to proactively and rapidly ensure collaboration. With a holistic approach to optimized security, we integrate tools, processes and technology to secure your organization, all while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Here’s what you can expect with Threadfin’s SecOps:

  • Cross-team collaboration with software and cloud security built into the development lifecycle
  • Rapid and effective response
  • Threat identification and prevention
  • Innovation, collaboration and automation
  • Continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Improved ROI and productivity
  • Experience-driven, outcome-focused solutions
Threadfin SecOps solutions

What is SecOps?

SecOps is the collaboration between IT security (sec) and operations (ops) teams to integrate the tools, processes and technology that keep an organization secure while reducing risk.

SecOps is a software development philosophy (similar to DevOps at its core) that focuses on security, ensuring that the security mindset permeates all facets of a non-siloed development environment. Greater collaboration between programmers, designers and those responsible for security allows for consideration of all threats that could affect users and software during the entire development cycle.

The need for SecOps is driven by the infrastructure and IT delivery model transformation as more organizations take advantage of cost-effective cloud computing models—and the speed and agility benefits gained through the cloud.

Threadfin's SecOps


Security threats continue to evolve as perpetrators become more creative. A multidisciplinary outlook as part of an organization’s culture raises awareness and more imaginative solutions. Threadfin’s SecOps proactively leverages the expertise of the IT organization to work as a collaborative monitoring network.


Cross-functional teams that keep security and product deployment top of mind resonate with the organization’s ultimate goal: to deliver trustworthy products and services as efficiently as possible.


In a competitive environment where speed tends to have priority, innovation is stifled if security is compromised. Threadfin’s SecOps ensures the delivery of quality solutions through a lifecycle of code security and validation.

Reaction speed

Integrated communication, detection and resolution systems speed up the decision-making process by identifying—and quickly remediating—vulnerabilities. Security is high priority and a crucial component of the development process.


With both security and operations teams working in a non-siloed environment, the pool of resources becomes streamlined. The use of common tools to assess vulnerabilities ensures consistent practices throughout the environment, improving overall efficiency and reducing the possibility of security breaches.

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Threadfin’s SecOps, combined with Experience Threading, protects your organization by reducing risk through integrated security tools, processes and technologies.

SecOps is available per engagement or as-a-service.

Either way, we use Experience Threading to design human-centered SecOps, continuously threading experience through every element of your employee and customer digital journey.

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