Threadfin is an IT services-only company that creates incredible value through solutions that transform, modernize, optimize and secure organizations.

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about Threadfin

We’re vendor-independent.

Our solutions are built for your specific needs and unique goals. We’re focused on scalability, flexibility and cohesive integration with your environment

We’re based in the United States.

We’re US-based, with a national footprint and significant global delivery experience.

We know digital transformation.

We combine our proven technology delivery experience with our deep technical skills to provide unmatched digital transformation services.

We’ve perfected our partner support model.

Our unique partner support model empowers our partners with advanced skills and expertise.

We’re approachable experts.

Our team prides themselves on deep digital transformation skills and their willingness to collaborate and share their knowledge with our customers.

We serve mid-tier and enterprise.

Adept at navigating both simple and complex environments, we serve myriad industries.

With a national footprint and global delivery, Threadfin has provided delivery excellence for 20 years.

We leverage our AWS and Microsoft expertise to achieve the business outcomes that best serve organizations.

Through each technology shift, and the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), we maintain our position as trusted digital transformation experts and advisors.

Today we build on our expertise with an experience-led as-a-service offering that accelerates the business outcomes of our customers. We use our Experience Threading Framework to design human-centered digital technology solutions.

The future of IT delivery is experience-driven and outcome-focused. We combine these two to create incredible value. Threadfin continuously improves the digital experience for employees and their customers to create happier, faster, smarter and safer ways of getting work done every day.

From the moment we engage, we’re laser-focused on success. Our unique approach integrates our delivery team early in the process to ensure we’re unified in the vision. Our project management and customer success teams ensure that we don’t miss a beat and that all stakeholders are always in the loop.

“Lots of companies have the same three or four generic solutions for everyone. At Threadfin we strive to find the correct solution that fits your business needs.”

Matt Nixon, Threadfin, Consultant

Company History

Network Services
A group of entrepreneurs (including Threadfin’s founders) started International Network Services (INS) in the Bay Area in the early 1990s to capitalize on the push to networked computing that they saw on the horizon. Cisco, SGI, Sun Micro, UltraNetworks and several proprietary supercomputer vendors needed high speed interconnectivity, which didn’t exist at the time. The internet was just beginning to move out of the scientific and educational community and into the mainstream.

They built INS, a global professional service company, to service the networked computing explosion and iteratively manage this incredible growth. A real draw for INS engineers was the ability to work in a “vendor-independent” services-only capacity, and to have the opportunity to face many different challenges weekly.
Internet & Digital Economy
The growth of the internet became massive, multivendor and mission critical. This growth introduced many new layers of IP-based services including IP telephony, call centers, wireless and more.

They quickly built INS into a 3,000 person, publicly traded global services-only company. INS was acquired by Lucent in 1999. It was the richest acquisition of a services company in history. This acquisition greatly limited the vendor-independent services-only model. It also left a worldwide collection of highly talented Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) without a home—which quickly resolved itself.
In the early 2000s, the larger service providers (SP) and value-added resellers (VAR) were desperate to consistently deliver high-end IT services—they were struggling because they couldn’t attract and retain high-end engineers and consultants.

Those engineers and consultants were looking for the ability to provide vendor-independent solutions and to see new challenges on a consistent basis.

Threadfin was founded in 2003 to address this challenge and to provide vendor-independent Tier 3 IT design, engineering and operational support, primarily to the larger VARs and SPs for their customers.

Since those early days, Threadfin has continued to grow our geographic footprint, consulting and internal support base, strategic channel partner base and direct customers.
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Industry Background


With the evolution and adoption of the Internet, the IT industry unofficially adopted TCP/IP as the industry standard. TCP/IP is a suite of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet. TCP/IP is also used as a communications protocol in a private computer network, such as a company intranet or extranet.

Eventually, data centers became IP-enabled, followed closely by IP-enabling of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Each step provided greater functionality, interoperability and cost reduction, as it became simple to design, deploy, customize and centrally manage these solutions. The migration to IP usually provided cost savings that could be reallocated to other IT investments, with several by-products of the evolution like massive amounts of data generated, captured and available to farm, structure and leverage. Thus, the data security industry grew, pushing the importance of an aggressive security strategy from the shadows right to the front lines.

As companies raced to build, staff and manage their IP-enabled data centers, a new industry evolved: co-location centers that allowed companies to collapse their data centers into large, secure, connected and protected facilities.

Cloud 1.0 and 2.0

As the rapid evolution to the cloud continued, most of the architectural and customer-facing solutions were feature and function-driven, and led by the IT organizations. The same process was followed internally for employees of organizations—with IT tools and solutions used to perform daily job functions being designed, deployed and managed by IT.

The maturity of the cloud, and it’s unlimited as-a-service solutions combined with the eventual success of work-from-home employment driven by the pandemic, has markedly changed the model for the design and delivery of IT solutions to employees.

Introducing Cloud 3.0!

Today, the rapid evolution of public, private, hybrid, hyper and converged cloud is occurring in real time, and the push to move to subscription services models is relentless.

A sea change is occurring. The future of IT delivery is experience-driven and outcome-focused. And that’s where Threadfin is a leader.

Today, according to industry expert Tercera, professional services firms like Threadfin need business values that include:

• A mission-driven culture

• A remote workforce

• A diverse and inclusive workforce

They need a refined go-to-market and delivery model that offers:

• Accelerated digital transformation services

• Industry-specific solutions

• Subscription and tech-enabled services

• Targeted channel value-add

And they need an evolving skillset that includes:

• Disruptive tech skills

• Hybrid and multi-cloud expertise

• Industry and business process expertise

Threadfin checks all the boxes.

We leverage human-centered digital transformation to continuously improve the digital experience for employees and their customers. We create happier, faster, smarter and safer ways of getting work done every day—from any device, from any place.

Ready for true digital transformation?