The Newcomer’s Guide to Experience Threading

The Newcomer’s Guide to Experience Threading

Digital transformation and technology aren’t always human-centered. That can make it difficult for employees to get work done in ways that best serve their customers. It can also make it harder for customers to have a positive experience across every touchpoint in their journey.

At Threadfin, we’re continuously improving the digital experience for employees and their customers to create happier, faster, smarter and safer ways of getting work done every day—from any device, from any place.

That mission is why we pioneered a systematic process to design human-centered digital technology solutions. We call it ‘Experience Threading,’ and it’s all about continuously threading experience through every single element of the employee and customer digital journey, whether ArchOps, DevOps, FinOps or SecOps.

We’re not just focused on capabilities or platforms; we’re focused on the experience as a whole. We thread experience through every single unique thing we do for every single unique customer. And we do it with hyper-focus on cloud architecture, capabilities, cost and risk.

What does Experience Threading look like in the real world? Imagine this workplace scenario…

You work for a multi-national organization. You live in time zone that’s different from most of your customers so you work much later hours than are typical at your organization. One day when you log in to start work you find that you can’t access your softphone or the other tools and resources you use to do your job. You reach out to your manager who submits a service ticket. You learn that the other 24 people on your team are experiencing the same issues. No one quite understands why this is happening. Day after day you try to do your work, but you’re not able to. Two weeks later the problem is finally discovered and corrected. It turns out that your multi-national organization decided to routinely take some services offline during certain hours as part of cost-cutting measures. When they made this decision, they didn’t take into account the employees that work non-standard hours. You weren’t able to get your work done and serve your customers for two weeks! You’re incredibly discouraged. You’re also concerned that your metrics during this time will impact your annual bonus. Never mind that you now have to call all of your customers—many of whom are disgruntled because they haven’t been able to get in touch with you for two weeks.

This debacle—which is a true story—would have been avoided with Experience Threading. We focus on employee and customer journeys and needs before creating or redesigning any touchpoint, feature or change. Here’s a high-level look at our process:

  • First, we engage for internal commitment and alignment. To accomplish this, we fully immerse ourselves in your world. Tactics include things like internal interviews, prework surveys, employee collaboration, data, tech and infrastructure reviews.
  • Then we define to uncover gaps and opportunities. We document your current state through journey and ecosystem mapping. We define the needs, capabilities and impact of the digital change, data, tech and infrastructure reviews.
  • Next, we design a blueprint to determine the ideal state for your business. Internal workshops are held to define ecosystem changes, future experience is mapped, service design, goals and outcomes are established and capabilities and requirements for change are documented.
  • Then we iterate to operationalize and prepare for launch. We prepare for success through activities like training, pilots, resource roll-out and processes integration.
  • And finally, we implement and begin the continuous improvement process through our as-a-service offerings.

Because of Experience Threading, digital transformation with Threadfin is different from anything else you’ll find. Our digital transformation is employee- and customer-centered vs technology-centered. We define success and outcomes before the spending begins—or before the spending ends, as in the case of the example above. And because business and technology never stand still, we incorporate change management into the design. Experience Threading provides continuous feedback for continuous improvement.

Let us show you how our human-centered digital transformation solutions can be tailored to the way your employees get work done and the journey of your customers.

Find out how Experience Threading can help you today.

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