Improve Both Employee & Customer Digital Experiences Through Strategic Digital Transformation

Customer experience (CX) is influenced by a customer’s perception of each interaction across every touchpoint over the duration of their relationship with your brand.

According to experience expert, Diane Magers, CCXP, Threadfin’s Experience Practice Lead (and Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts), the discipline of customer experience has naturally extended its reach into employee experience (EX). Here we’ll look at employee digital experiences.

Think about your work experience…

  • You’ve probably seen positive outcomes when new recruits are welcomed, presented with a well-planned onboarding program and system access right out of the gate.
  • And you’ve probably seen negative outcomes when new recruits sit spinning their wheels for a couple of weeks while they wait for system access to be granted.
  • What about when it takes employees 20-30 minutes to search for the information they need to do their job?
  • Or when they can’t book a conference room?


These scenarios highlight why digital transformation is pivotal—not just for streamlining operations but for nurturing positive employee and, consequently, customer digital experiences.



Employee Experience Defined

Employee experience is the entirety of what a worker learns, does, sees and feels at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

By honing this experience, we not only cut down on hiring and turnover costs but also boost productivity, loyalty and your brand’s reputation.



The Interconnection: Employee Experience & Customer Satisfaction

Progressive organizations understand that every employee—regardless of their role—impacts the customer experience and, inherently, the bottom line. Digital transformation empowers employees, fostering an environment where superior customer service and business value thrive organically.



Going “Beyond the Bagels”

Taking an engagement strategy that transcends surface-level perks allows companies show employees that they’re paying attention to their needs.

Diane calls this ‘Beyond the Bagels.’ Employees want to be involved, contribute to the organization’s success, feel valued and respected, have the opportunity to grow and have access to leadership.

Diane goes on to say that designing and improving the employee experience is more than an annual employee engagement survey. Merely collecting feedback isn’t enough; what matters is actionable transformation.

Diane talks about a brand that had frustrated employees with low morale, which seemed to be contributing to weaker levels of customer experience coming from the contact center. The organization took action:

  • Talking directly with employees
  • Mapping the employee journey
  • Analyzing customer and employee feedback


They found that many contact center employees were complaining about neck and shoulder injuries and having a hard time hearing customers on calls.

As a result, they conducted a pilot program with a subset of employees. They brought in new headsets and fitted employee workstations with modular sound-proof barriers. The pilot group saw reduced call times, improved customer experience scores, fewer employee complaints and reduced worker’s compensation claims. They then rolled that program out to all contact center employees.



Commitment to Experience Threading

At Threadfin, we pioneered Experience Threading, a methodology to ensure digital solutions are inherently human-centric, continually adapted to enhance how employees work and engage. We’re committed to improved employee digital experiences. This commitment not only optimizes operational efficacy but also amplifies collaboration, innovation and employee advocacy, all while curtailing costs.



Discover How Experience Threading Can Transform Your Business

Experience Threading isn’t just a process; it’s a pledge to sustainable, impactful digital transformation centered around your team’s evolving needs. Connect with us to explore how this strategic approach can redefine your organizational landscape, benefiting both your employees and customers.

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